Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Gravenstein Apple Fair and Sonoma County Farm Trails!

I have had the good fortune to pour hard cider at the Gravenstein Apple Fair "The sweetest little fair in Sonoma County" for the past five years.  A wonderful community fair which Draws approximately 14,000 people for the weekend it is a slice of Americana straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting.  The smell of oil and the popping and hissing of vintage farm equipment in one section, with old men in overalls, teaching the very young about farm equipment from "back in the day".  On the other side of the Fair,  the heavenly smell of sandwiches from The Farmers wife the single best sandwich I have ever had cooked to order by who else?  The Farmer's wife....The Farmer in this case Paul Kohling owner of Nana Mae's juice, and Specific Gravity Hard cider is a hard worker indeed as he cuts a trim figure, despite the wonderful delicacies his wife serves up for Fair goers.
     For myself,  I pour hard cider for FoxCraft Hard Cider company a new cider company in Sonoma County, which is dedicated to bringing Ultra Premium hard cider to the public, and in this case the Gravenstein Apple Fair, brought to you by Sonoma County Farm Trails.  We donated and poured 200 gallons of Hard cider over the two days of the fair....1600 pints of cider to Fair goers.  It was all in support of the mission, of Sonoma County Farm Trails. (which is as follows)

  "We hope to further cultivate community by facilitating both farmer-to-farmer and farmer-to-public educational forums, as well as offering relevant events to foodies and aspiring producers through our new "Farm Club" and our upcoming "Barn Shop." We will continue to serve as a local resource, hosting Sonoma County's premier online agricultural guide, producing the Gravenstein Apple Fair, and promoting seasonal farm tours like "Weekends along the Farm Trails" in the Fall and "Blossoms, Bees & Barnyard Babies" in the Spring."

As the principal fundraiser for Sonoma County Farm Trails, the fair is well organized and planned..  Carmen Snyder the Executive Director and her team, have organized Craft cheese tasting, craft cider tasting, animal husbandry demo's, beekeeping, and much more....If you missed the Fair with all of it's lively entertainment and closing parade, be sure to put it on your calendar for next year.

I am excited to bring you more posts about what's happening at FoxCraft Hard Cider, and what's "going on" in communities FoxCraft is served, my writing is a little rusty, but I hope you enjoy.